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HID Access Control Card

SMPK-103 Active RFID Tag

HID Access Control Card | PASSIVE RFID

HID Access Control Card

Our HID compatible proximity and clamshell cards are 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz and come with or without a magnetic stripe. Suited to all applications where an HID proximity card is used for access control or as an RFID identification card for staff or guests.

Plastic HID cards: Our HID compatible cards are offered blank or with your custom branding and graphics printed on one or both sides of the card. We offer custom features like UID serial number encoding, magnetic stripes, bar codes and QR codes to make the cards specific to your application. Be sure to check out how our cardholders and lanyards add functionality to the cards and to give your final product a completed look.


Available HID Compatible Card Types

HID Compatible Card (With or without ID number) P/N

  • HID ProxCard II 1326 – 125 KHz (T: 0.8mm) Format: HID26WG or HID37WG
  • HID ISOProx II 1386 – 125 KHz (T: 0.8mm) Format: HID26WG or HID37WG
  • HID DualCard (HID+Mifare) 1431 – 125 KHz + 13.56 MHz (T: 0.8mm)