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SM-8801 Medium~Long Range UHF Reader Writer

SM-1106 Medium Range UHF Reader

SM-8801 Medium~Long Range UHF Reader Writer

ISO 18000-6B or ISO 18000-6C EPC Gen 2 reader writer. 8~15 meter read distance 4~7 meter write distance (varies by tag and environment). FCC compliant.


Available Product Configurations

  • SM-8801A: ISO18000-6B Protocol
  • SM-8801B: ISO18000-6B/ISO18000-6C EPC-Gen 2 Protocol

Available Frequencies

  • ISM 902MHz~928MHz or 920MHz~925MHz
  • Customized: 860MHz~960MHz

Read Write Performance

  • Read Distance: 8~15 Meters (depends on tag and environment)
  • Read Speed: < 10 ms per 64 bits (single card)
  • Successful Read: Buzzer
  • Write Distance: 4~7 Meters (depends on tag and environment)
  • Write Speed: < 30 ms per 8 bits (single card)

Available Frequencies

  • Anti-collision: up to 200 tags
  • Mode: FHSS or fixed frequency set by software
  • Transmission Power: 20dBm~30 dBm(software adjustable)
  • Interface: RS232/RS485/Wiegand 26&34/TCP/IP Optional
  • Trigger Port: Yes
  • Power Supply: DC +9V 4A
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Net Weight: 3.7 Kg
  • Dimensions: 450mm × 450mm × 60mm
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 70C

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