SYNOTag RFID for Social Media with Coca-Cola and Facebook

Logi-Tag RFID Israel selects SYNOTag SM-8858 Silicone Wristband with 13.56 MHz I Code Sli IC and colour logo printing to enable Facebook at the Coca-Cola Village.
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Read about this project in the August 2010 RFID Journal.


Logi-tag selected SYNOMETRIX to support this water park project using our SM-8859 waterproof RFID tag combined with a branded tyvek band to support the high profile sponsors of this pool party, Coke and Facebook.


Guests were issued a wristband and could like different areas of the water park by swiping the tag at a Facebook branded reader, which then uploaded their like to their Facebook account. A total of 6,500 teenagers attended throughout the six-week period and 1,500 RFID wristbands were used to make this the most popular Facebook page in Israel with 80,000 users and 652,700 daily post views.

Project Partners

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