Light It Up Like a Pro! SYNOPODs use DMX LED technology to generate big event energy at any sized game or event. Custom brand a remote controlled SYNOPOD to create a strong and lasting connection between your fans and your team or between your brand and those who are experiencing it.

Rebrand and Rezone On-site. Sell them as school or team merchandise for a fundraiser. Pass them out at the door for a marketing event. Rent them out at a party or rave. Unlike typical one-and-done LED wearables, SYNOPOD’s can be rebranded and rezoned on-site for different events, cutting your costs and diverting e-waste from landfills.

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Powered by SYNOPOD

SYNOPOD DMX lanyards are remote controlled and have super bright LED’s for light and dark applications that are long lasting and easy to change batteries. Custom brand the PODs for your club, team or event. Set up Powered by SYNOPOD in your city entertainment and club district, getting all venues signed up to use our property DMX controller so that the party can go late and move seamlessly from one club to another.

Experience Technology

SYNOPOD patented designs are the latest thing in custom branded remote controlled LED products. SYNOPODs are fan experience technology, so whether you custom brand them for your event or transform them into your team merchandise, the ultra-bright LEDs in each SYNOPOD will generate waves of energy as they light up your fans in a myriad of colors and patterns.

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