RFID Product Development


RFID Product Development & Manufacturing

Cost Benefits Gained

Companies improve their competitive position through lower cost manufacturing offshore but often miss out on the full cost and speed benefits of product development specifically for offshore manufacturing. Escaping the extra cost and time invested on the traditional product development cycle in Western economies, as well as the product engineering and management costs of migrating and re-designing products for electronics manufacturing offshore, is the secret to cashing in on the lower cost and full manufacturing benefits.

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We Save You Time and Reduce Your Costs

Product design and manufacturing in Western economies before migrating production to China misses out on a substantial opportunity to reduce costs early in the product cycle. SYNOMETRIX mitigates this problem by handling the complete process of product design and development, prototyping, tooling, and low and high volume manufacturing. You get a high quality product with fast time to market and significant cost savings that bring benefits to you and your customer.

SYNOMETRIX moves you beyond the unique set of problems and risks associated with offshore manufacturing. For Western companies without substantial China experience or resources on the ground, cost-efficiently sourcing, qualifying and structuring sustainable relationships with capable suppliers, as well as managing quality and protecting IP, is often a formidable if not impossible task. Therefore, apart from the product development for China manufacturing benefits, SYNOMETRIX eliminates the cultural and language differences and the costs of long distance travel to visit and manage suppliers in China with our seamless approach to projects from design through to manufacturing and shipping world-wide.

Realizing Strategic Product Development

The SYNOMETRIX approach represents a fully rational, cost-effective, and hassle-free method of developing products directly for China manufacturing. Gone are the two separate product development cycles. Gone are the costs and frustrations of managing development problems with China suppliers from abroad. Captured is all the early value and the stability that gives you the total edge over your competition and the low risk peace of mind to operate in China from a position of strength. Please contact us for a discussion about your projects needs and how we may be able to best support them.