Find Your RFID Chip

Which RFID Chip Are You Using?

New to ordering or just not sure what type of chip is inside your RFID credential? Finding out what chip type you are already using can be a major source of frustration, but with a little bit of work, there are a few ways to find out.  Here are some suggestions followed by some information from the major chip makers and RFID brands:

  1. See if the chip type, brand or product name is printed somewhere on the outside of the credential.
  2. Check previous invoices to see if there is information there that will tell you what chips you are using.
  3. Check with your RFID system maintenance technician to see if they know the type of chip you need.

If you cannot find out and are not 100% certain about the chip it’s best to arrange a sample for testing before you order.

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How to Find Out What Type of Mifare Chip You Are Using

The NFC TagInfo app offered by NXP can be used with the NFC reader in your phone to find out what type of Mifare chip is being used in your card, wristband, fob or other RFID credential. This information is critical for ordering, as without knowing the correct chip, we cannot quote or offer other support.

It’s free and easy to download the TagInfo app from the AppStore. You can then quickly read the RFID credential using your phone, take a screen shot of the tag details and send to us so that we know what you need.

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How to Find Out The Type of HID Credential You Are Using

If you are using HID branded cards and wish to cost down with a generic HID format credential, you will need to know which HID credentials you are using. This information can usually be found on the outside of the card, wristband or fob, but if not, this handy guide in PDF format from HID will be useful.

Available Chip Types

125 KHz LF Cards

13.56 MHz HF Cards

  • Go to HF Cards Page
  • Fudan FM-1108 Cards
  • HID Cards
  • Mifare Classic 1K Cards
  • Mifare Classic 4K Cards
  • Mifare DESfire EV1 Cards
  • Mifare DESfire EV2 Cards
  • Mifare DESfire Light Cards

13.56 MHz HF Cards

  • Go to HF Cards Page
  • Mifare Ultralight Cards
  • Mifare Ultralight C Cards
  • Mifare Ultralight Nano Cards
  • Mifare Mini Cards
  • NTAG213 Cards
  • NTAG215 Cards
  • NTAG216 Cards

860-960MHz UHF Cards

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