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LED Systems for Any Application

Choose the right LED system to create immersive lighting experiences at any game, event or party. We offer two lines of LED wearables: our  SYNOBAND led products for low-cost use with limited branding and our reusable SYNOPOD led products that can be custom branded anywhere, re-zoned anywhere and used again and again.

Which line of LED products do you need?

LED Wristbands for Everyone. SYNOBAND LED wristbands, bracelets and accessories are intended for single use deployments with some custom branding available. Pass them out, turn them on and get the party started.

How Many Zones? Available in four zones or more and controlled using our radio or DMX 512 controller to a distance of circa 1000 meters. Zones are factory set and the number required is specified at time of order.

Go to SYNOBAND LED Wristbands for more details.

SYNOPOD logo light

Get Lit Up Like a Pro. SYNOPOD’s are reusable and made for customization, turning LED wristbands into powerful brand statements or into custom branded merchandise for sale at your team store.

Rebrand and Rezone On-site. SYNOPOD LED wristbands and lanyards are unique patented designs that allow you to rebrand and rezone anywhere for different events, keeping tons of e-waste out of our landfills.

Go to SYNOPOD LED Wearables or www.synopod.com for more details.

How to Choose an LED Wristband

What Kind of LED Wristbands Do You Need?

Depending on how you will use the LED wristbands, there are some different choices and each one should be evaluated for the best cost-to-benefit:

Manual Remote Controlled (Radio Controlled) System (SYNOBAND Only)

RC controlled wristband systems are more straightforward to use and lower cost than a DMX controlled system. You will need our RC wristbands and our RC controller, no software required. The controller buttons are used to control the light show using 12 pre-set effects. The rechargeable battery makes it mobile so that it can operate virtually anywhere.

One controller can controls 5000 bracelets within a diameter of 1000 meters. For wristband control, there are two options: (1) control the wristbands as 1 zone with 7 LED colours and 5 flashing modes, or (2) control as 4 zones with 7 LED colours and 1 flashing mode.

Each set of wristbands is attributed to a zone that can be lit up with a certain colour or made to flash in a certain way. Please let us know the number of zones you need at time of order and the quantity of bracelets for each zone.

Automated DMX512 Controlled System (SYNOBAND or SYNOPOD)

SYNOBAND LED wristbands come in four zones, each zone controlling RBG colours that technically add up to 60000 plus colours. You need to purchase a DMX dongle separately to use the controller with your notebook. You can run your system on software such as FreeStyler, Abuelites, Mcswe Easy, DMXControl, PcDimme and MagicQ.

SYNOPOD LED Wristbands come in 8 zones with super bright LEDs that can be individually zones to flash or create colours using our primary SYNOPOD DMX controller. Our controller plans into any light board or can be operated from a notebook using your choice of DMX software such as QLC+ and others.

Sound/Motion Activated LED Wristbands

The least expensive LED wristband option as no controller system or operator is required. Hand out the LED wristbands, let your guests turn them on and light up the party. Battery is replaceable so the wristbands can be collected, cleaned and reused if needed.

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