Activate Active Gaming

Activate Active Gaming

Activate games selected our SYNOLOCK SL-338H RFID locker locks to secure its customers valuables and our SM-8000 MOVE Mifare 1 silicone wristbands for use in a pre-purchased time credit application at their gaming centres.

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Product picture of SM338H battery operated RFID locker lock

Project Scope


Activate consulted with SYNOMETRIX early on during the development process of their active game and gaming facility design on the best use of RFID readers, wristbands and locks. The SYNOLOCK 338H-MF RFID Locker Lock was chosen for its mix of quality, performance, price and fast delivery. The SM-8000 MOVE RFID wristband was selected for its style, comfort, durability, colour and branding options.


After customers enter the facility and pay an admission fee, they create their player profile and are assigned the Activate RFID gaming wristband with 90 minutes of game time stored credit on it. The gamers can roam freely around the venue, signing into the various game rooms of their choice in order to play. The wristbands are also used to open and lock the assigned customer lockers.

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