BCycle Bike Share RFID Cards


SYNOMETRIX custom printed plastic RFID cards, custom printed RFID PVC Key Fobs and RFID tracking tags keep thousands of BCycle members rolling across 45 major North America cities.

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Project Scope


SYNOTAG stick on RFID tags, plastic RFID cards and PVC RFID key fobs were selected for TREK’s very successful BCycle bike sharing program. Using 125 kHz tags and cards in EM format, BCycle bit share has since been deployed across the United States since 2009 and more recently into South America.


BCycle users sign up for the service and then receive an RFID card or key fob that is used at BCycle terminals to bill for use of the bicycle rental by time. The unique identification number on the tag is referenced to a customer record in a database and billing is handled from a central location, rather than credits being stored on the tags. The bikes are equipped with tags that are read when the bike is docked or removed from the docking station to calculate usage time, which is then billed to the rider.

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