Coca Cola and Facebook


The SYNOTag SM-8858 Silicone Wristband with 13.56 MHz I Code Sli IC and colour logo printing were selected to enable picture and experience sharing via  Facebook at the Israel Coca-Cola Village party. You too can brand our RFID wristbands for use with social media at your party or marketing event. Contact us today for a free consultation and pricing!

Watch the short video on YouTube
Read about this project in the August 2010 RFID Journal.


The SYNOTAG SM-8859 Waterproof RFID Wristband was combined with a branded TYVEK wristband was distributed to the guests at this party. Guests tapped the wristband on Facebook branded readers in different areas of the water park. The Like was uploaded their like to their Facebook account.


A total of 6,500 teenagers attended throughout the six-week period and 1,500 RFID wristbands were used to make this the most popular Facebook page in Israel with 80,000 users and 652,700 daily post views.

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