HubSpot Custom RFID Wristbands

HubSpot Custom Wristbands

HubSpot needed a branded silicone RFID bracelet for access control that was easy to put on, comfortable to wear and that would not scratch their laptops and office equipment. SYNOMETRIX worked with HubSpot to design the SM-7000 SLIM wristband branded using our advanced silicone ink printing technology. The SM-27 RFID key fob with UV spot printing was also selected by HubSpot.

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Project Scope


HubSpot contacted SYNOMETRIX seeking an RFID access control wristband to replace the wristband they were using. During early testing, the style comfort and performance of the SM-8000 MOVE RFID wristband was popular among HubSpot staff, but they preferred a slimmer wristband that was less watch-like at its face. Using this feedback, SYNOMETRIX redesigned the MOVE to become the SM-7000 SLIM access control wristband now used across HubSpot global offices.


HubSpot staff use the SM-7000 SLIM RFID wristband branded with the HubSpot logo and the words “Grow Better” for access control at their offices. Both logos are printed in high quality silicone ink (not silkscreened) making them durable for long-term use. Our RFID key fobs are also branded with the HubSpot logo using a UV treatment that ‘burns’ the logo onto the face of the tag, a highly durable treatment that is resilient over time and that aligns with the HubSpot culture of excellence and quality.

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