US Olympic Committee Road to Rio National Tour



SYNOMETRIX was selected as the technology partner for the RFID wristbands, working across large corporate entities to deliver a carefully branded high quality RFID wristband solution in large volumes for this high profile event.

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PVC RFID event wristband


The SYNOBAND SM-0005 One time use wristband with Mifare Ultralight chip was selected for the RFID experiential marketing program at the 18-month long US Olympic Committee Road to Rio National Tour sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance.


The SM-0005 One time use wristbands were used to first register guests and then to trigger the photo booth sessions that allowed each guest to take a picture of themselves doing various Olympic sports against a green screen. Those pictures could then be shared to the guest social media account.

Project Partners

RFID wristbands used for experiential marketing offer the brand owner a chance to get their brand on every wrist.

Extend the reach of your brand and event by linking the serial number of the chip to a social media account or by adding a photo booth to motivate experience sharing with others in the user’s social network across any social media platform.