YMCA Pool and Recreation Center

YMCA Pool & Recreation Center

SYNOBAND SM-8000 MOVE RFID wristbands, printed Mifare cards and SM-49 RFID Key Fobs were chosen by the YMCA in Australia as membership credentials for their members.

Our RFID wristbands, cards and fobs will let you handle memberships at your facility with ease. Contact us for a free consultation! 

SM-8000 RFID MOVE Wristband in Black, Red, and White


Searching for a new RFID supplier with shorter delivery lead-times, lower prices and a quality product mix that was better suited to the needs of its members, the YMCA in Victoria, Australia tested and approved SYNOCARD RFID Cards, SM-8000 MOVE wristbands and SYNOTAG SM-49 key fobs as the access credentials for its members. Finding the adult sized SM-8000 MOVE wristbands too large for its children swim programs, SYNOMETRIX developed a custom sized wristband to meet their needs.


The SM-8000 MOVE Wristband was selected for adult and child use, both for their gym and pool programs. The requirement for two logos on some of the brightly coloured wristbands with warnings such as “I Must be Within Arms Reach” or  “I Must Be Actively Supervised” added a safety element to the swimming program where staff could better supervise the safety of young children and new swimmers. In the gym, the SM-8000 MOVE wristbands have provided comfort as they are vented on one side of the strap and fully adjustable to fit any sized member. Our high quality silicone and durable silicone ink printing brings a level of comfort, style and durability that is appreciated by YMCA members.

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