RFID Cards

Custom or blank plastic cards for your application.

SYNOCARD plastic cards and badges are ISO 7810 (standard size: 86 x 54 x 0.76 mm) and made of high-quality laminated PVC. We offer full colour printing on the front and back as well as a full range of card features from embossing, magnetic stripes, encoding, scratch off and signature panels to bar codes and QR codes.

Plastic RFID cards for ID, access control and events.

SYNOCARD plastic RFID cards are 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz or UHF and perfect for access control applications at apartment buildings and offices, as hotel room keys, for RFID locker locks, staff identification cards, for payment and transport applications, as well as for customer loyalty and experiential marketing programs.


SYNOCARDS elevate your customer experience and offer these major benefits:


Seamless access control, payments, guest & key management.


Delivered with your logo, colors, and other branding elements.


Carry in your wallet, wear around your neck, clip to your belt.


Mine user and event data for post-event analysis. Create targeted downstream marketing strategies and revenue streams.


High visibility branding and functionality at low cost.


Access, admission, log ins and payments are fast and convenient to create happy guests.


SYNOCARDS are typically used for these kinds of applications:
  • Hotel Room Cards
  • Access Control Cards
  • Bike Sharing Cards
  • Stored Credit Cards
  • VIP Access Cards
  • Customer Loyalty Cards
  • Experimental Marketing
  • Membership Cards
  • Trade Show Cards
  • Event Visitor Cards
  • Cashless Venue Cards
  • Gym & Spa Membership

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