HID Cards

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HID Cards

Use HID compatible prox cards to cut costs. Our HID clamshell and prox cards are suited to applications where HID proximity cards are used for secure access control or as an RFID identification card for staff or guests at your office or other facility.

Blank or Custom: Our HID prox cards come blank or custom with your graphics printed on one or both sides of the card. We offer full customization to make the HID cards more specific to your application.

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HID proximity cards are used globally in access control systems at office buildings, warehouses, labs, campuses, schools, and universities. SYNOMETRIX is a key supplier of HID prox cards that are low cost, easy to print and fully compatible with all HID proximity card readers.

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  • HID Cards: What to know about ordering
    How do I know what type of HID card to order?

    With so many types of HID cards and formats, it can be hard to know where to start. Our HID compatible cards are all 125 kHz. To find out what kind of HID card you are using, look on the back lower left corner of the card. There, you should see an identifier that shows the card model number and the chip identifier that you can send to us when ordering.

    What is the Standard 26-Bit Format?

    Our HID compatible cards are factory programmed using the standard 26-bit card data format (H10301).

    • H10301 allows for 255 possible facility codes numbered from one to 255.
    • You can define up to 65,535 card ID numbers, from one to 65,535, per facility code.

    HID produces and manages over 1,000 card data formats, but all of them share the same fundamental concepts as the 26-bit format. When ordering, we need to know the facility code and the card number range that you wish to use.

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We are a leading supplier of HID compatible cards that are used for all secure access control applications. Customer satisfaction matters to us and derives from quality products and excellent customer service. Learn more about us and then contact us to discuss how we can help make your project a total success.

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