HID ProxCard II 1326 Clamshell 37 bit (Compatible Cards)

Cut Your Costs: This 125 KHz clamshell card is compatible with HID ProxCard II 1326 and are programmed in 37 bit format H10302. All of our clamshell cards are ultrasonic welded and durable. Choose our cards for applications where secure HID credentials are used in access control, event security, ID and attendance tracking.

Turnkey Service and Fast Lead-times: Our HID compatible clamshell cards are offered blank with a vertical slot at one end of the card, well suited for printable ID badge stickers that are printed and affixed to the card when needed.

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  • Frequency: 125 KHz
  • Colour: White or custom
  • Dimensions: 35.3 × 28 × 6.4mm
  • Construction: Ultrasonic Welded
  • Format: 35 bit programmed in H5xxx, Corporate 1000®
  • Facility Code Range:  No FC
  • Card Number Range: 0 to 34,359,738,367
  • Not directly printable without overlay or pouch


How to Order

Please contact us with the format, quantity, facility code and number range you need so that we can offer best prices.


  • Access Control
  • Event Security
  • Staff ID Cards
  • Attendance Tracking

Available Types

37 bit format H10302