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Contactless Cards - Blank or Custom Printed

Mifare Cards 

Contactless RFID Cards. Our plastic Mifare cards are used in access control, door and locker lock systems, for cashless payments, in transportation, gaming, marketing and customer loyalty applications. All Mifare chips available.

Blank or Customized. Get our plastic Mifare cards blank or with your custom graphics printed on one or both sides of the card. A full range of custom card features are also available to support any application.

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SYNOCARD Mifare Cards

Our high quality low cost PVC Mifare cards are made according to the ISO/IEC 7810 specification. Order your Mifare cards blank or CMYK printed and add custom features to suit your application. We ship globally to you or drop ship to your customer.

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  • Choosing a Mifare RFID Card: Considerations
    Mifare Cards: Unmatched RFID Security

    Mifare chips have been designed to offer different levels of data and security so that you get what you need at the right price. Excellent for applications where secure identification and authentication are essential with some ability to store information on the microchip embedded in the Mifare.

    Here are some things to consider when choosing an RFID card for your application:

    What is the application? An RFID card is the standard for many applications, but before you make a final decision on the form factor, consider whether the user might prefer a Mifare wristband or PVC key fob instead.

    What size card do you need? Our Mifare RFID cards are CR 80 (size: 86 x 54 x 0.76 mm or 3.375 inches x 2.125 inches), the same size as a credit card with rounded corners. We also offer custom sizes if needed.

    Blank or Printed? We specialize in producing customized Mifare cards for any application. Our Mifare cards come blank or with CMYK printing on the front and back sides of white or black PVC material for white or black edged cards. Other PVC material colours are available, please ask about available pantone colours and any minimum order quantities.

    Need Custom Mifare Card Features? Our full service customization includes hole punching, embossing, magnetic stripes, encoding, scratch off, signature panels, bar codes, QR codes, spot UV treatments.

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SYNOMETRIX is a Leading Supplier of Plastic Mifare Cards

Our excellent reputation as a leading supplier of plastic Mifare cards has been built on shipping high quality Mifare cards and matching that with great service.

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  • Mifare Cards: Everything You Need to Know
    Mifare Cards: Everything you need to know

    Choosing the right Mifare card depends on the security requirements for your application and the quantity and capacity for stored data that you might require. Below is some information on the MIFARE chip family so that you can understand the different Mifare card options.

    What are MIFARE Cards?

    MIFARE is a contactless card technology that was initially used in transportation card applications and has evolved to become the most popular smart card for storing data and providing secure access control.

    All MIFARE cards are ISO14443A compliant and operate at a 13.56MHz frequency.

    What are the Main Benefits of a MIFARE Card?

    • Suited to multiple applications.
    • Enhanced security encryption that is difficult to clone.
    • Mifare can be used in different form factors like tags, wristbands, key fobs and with NFC smartphone applications.
    • Contactless cards are read in close proximity of a Mifare card reader – no need to touch.
    • A unique serial number is supplied for each individual MIFARE product.


    Typical MIFARE applications:

    • Automated fare collection system
    • Staff ID cards
    • Access Control Management
    • Contactless/Cashless payment
    • Parking payment
    • Campus/Student cards
    • Loyalty cards
    • Tourist cards
    • Transport ticketing
    • Event ticketing
    • Mobile ticketing
    • Library cards
    • Fuel cards
    • Hotel key cards
    • Taxi cards
    • Product authentication
    • Production control
    • Car rental cards
    • Car fleet management
    • Fuel cards
    • Interactive lottery cards
    • Social welfare cards
    • Waste management


    The MIFARE chip family offers a range of options:

    There are several MIFARE chip platforms available, designed for different applications and offered at varied price points to fit your needs.

    MIFARE Classic

    Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 and available with 1KB, 4KB or 7KB of memory, Mifare Classic cards (Also called Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K or Mifare 7K Cards) are excellent for ticketing, event entry, public transport and cashless payment systems.

    The main applications for MIFARE Classic cards are in public transport payment systems, electric toll collection, event ticketing, loyalty cards, car parking applications, hotel room keys, RFID lockers and older access control systems.


    A MIFARE DESFire chip transmits data quickly and securely and encompasses more than 30 different applications. For those using older MIFARE Classic legacy products, the DESFire EV2 is an upgrade in terms of security and functionality across different applications.

    DESFire EV2 offers a high level of security and is excellent for these types of applications:

    • Access control/Access management
    • On-site/Staff Identity cards
    • Campus/Student identity cards
    • Proof of identity 



    Newly launched in June 2020, the MIFARE DESFire EV3 brings NFC compatibility and a focus on mobile credentials to the MIFARE family. Applications for the DESFire EV3 include:

    • Access management
    • Closed-loop micropayment
    • Student identification
    • Proof of identity
    • Mobile cloud payment services
    • Smartphone compatibility

    Smartphone compatibility means they work with NXP’s MIFARE 2G0 cloud service. DESFire EV3 has been specifically engineered to work with other older EV2 and EV1 products for an easy transition when upgrading.


    MIFARE Ultralight 

    MIFARE UL cards offer significantly less memory than the Classic and DESFire chips and are intended as a low-cost, lower-security card that can be produced quickly and efficiently. MIFARE UL still includes anti-counterfeit protection that minimizes the risk of cloning.

    Main applications are as follows:

    • Disposable ticketing
    • Sporting event entry
    • Exhibition entry
    • Public transport tickets
    • Loyalty cards


    Additional MIFARE options

    Once you’ve decided on the most suitable MIFARE chip there are several other add-ons that you might need to consider:

    1. Memory

    A card’s memory capacity is important because it will define the kind of applications that the card can be used for. The greater the complexity of the end-product, the higher the storage capacity you will need. This points to the DESFire range, where greater memory options are available.

    Likewise, MIFARE Ultralight cards have little storage as they are designed to be disposable. 4K of memory would be overkill for a single-use card so that has been eliminated to reduce costs.

    2. Magnetic stripe

    The MIFARE chip family is contactless  but both MF Classic and MF DESFire cards can be ordered with magnetic stripe if needed to support older systems that use a magnetic stripe reader to function.

Secure RFID Credentials

Mifare cards offer an unmatched level of security to keep your users and card data safe.

Clean & Contactless

Contactless Mifare RFID cards are easy to disinfect and offer safe access to your users.

Customizable RFID Cards

Get your branding and any card features you need on our Mifare cards at factory direct prices.

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