Wooden RFID Cards

Eco-friendly Wooden RFID Cards

Wooden RFID Cards

Save the Planet. Our wooden key cards are made from different types of wood and fiction the same as a PVC card. Our wood cards are available with a 13.56 MHz, NFC, or UHF chip. Read distances vary from 5-15 cm depending on RFID reader and chip type.

Plain or Branded Wooden Key Cards. Get our contactless wooden keys cards with your customized branding on the cards. Choose from Beech, Black Walnut, Bamboo, Sapele, Maple or Cherry Wood.

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Eco-friendly RFID. Our contactless wood key cards that lend something fresh and unique to RFID access control, membership and brand marketing applications. Choose HF, NFC or UHF chips for contactless card reads of up to 15 cm. We deliver to you or drop ship globally right to your client.

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  • Branding Wooden RFID Cards: Considerations
    Wooden RFID cards: A Branded Eco-friendly Alternative

    Show your love for the planet with eco-friendly contactless RFID cards. Laser your logo or branding elements onto the card or get them printed with your custom colours.

    Get the key cards plain or branded:










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We are a leading supplier of wooden RFID cards and other contactless RFID cards and tags. Customer satisfaction with our products stems from quality and excellent customer service. Learn more about us and then contact us to discuss how we can help make your project a success.

Save the Planet

Wood RFID cards impress your customers and are better for the environment when disposed of.

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High quality wooden RFID cards at factory prices and shipped to you globally.

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