125 KHz RFID Readers

Pair your RFID card, RFID tag, key fob or RFID wristband with one of our high-quality desktop or wall mounted 125 KHz RFID readers. Our 125 KHz RFID readers are easy to integrate with your system and are suited for short-range reads of 9-15 cm depending on the type of tag used.

EM format RFID reader for use with read only EM 4102 and GK 4001 RFID tags. Read distance of 9-15 cm (depends on tag). Available in black or silver.

125 KHz reader with internal RF circuits on PCB, an 8-bit microcontroller and data output connections. Antenna sends demodulated data to microcontroller, checks the input datacode and processes the output data format. An 18 pin microcontroller converts inputs to Manchester code and processes output data format.