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Active RFID Readers

Read from 2 to 1500 meters. Our 2.4 GHz active RFID reader/writers are durable, easy to integrate and suited for medium to long range RFID reading applications. Secure our fixed readers to a wall, gate or post for stationary reads indoors or outdoors or use one of our rugged IP65 hand held RFID readers to handle all of your mobile reading applications.

Long Range RFID. Use any of our active RFID readers to read our active RFID tags as part of our closed proprietary system. For a free consultation and information about pricing, contact us today without obligation.

SYNOTAG Active RFID Readers/Writers

Our readers operate on a closed protocol system together with our active RFID tags. Read distances and tag polling intervals are controlled from the software while the tag signal interval is factory set. An SDK (C++ and C#) and our simple TagFinder set up and test software is available at no charge to integrate the readers easily into your system.

Some of our readers can be customized with optional GPRS/GSM, CDMA and 802.11 Wi-Fi modules to address your specific project needs. Please contact us for a free consultation and factory direct pricing and be sure to check out our full line of active RFID tags.


  • Choosing an Active RFID Reader for Your System: Considerations
    Active RFID readers can be fixed or mobile. Your system may need one or even both types.

    Depending on what your system needs to achieve, you may need a mix of fixed and handheld readers to get the job done. We offer readers that can be used in these types of active RFID applications:

    Access Control: Set up a waterproof reader at the yard gate to control what trucks enter/exit your site, know who was driving and what times they entered and departed. Or issue a tag to your staff or workers, letting them pass through a gate to record their presence on site.

    Logistics: Place a reader at certain doorways or loading bays in your warehouse and set a tag on a worker or forklift. Record who was at what bay at what time and for what duration. Create easy access control and improve security.

    Real Time Location Systems: Set up readers across your site to determine where a tag is at any given time.

    Asset Security: Reduce theft by setting up an active RFID system with a tag on the asset and a set of readers that trigger an alarm when the asset moves into range or even out of range.

    Need more information? There are literally endless application for active RFID systems and the reader you choose will matter. We have a full range or readers, so please be sure to visit our active RFID systems page or contact us anytime for a free consultation and pricing.

SYNOMETRIX is a Trusted Supplier of Active RFID Systems

Our reputation as a trusted supplier of active RFID systems and other RFID products has been built on high quality and great service since 2002. We take pride in our partnership approach to all projects and work to become a main resource for your business.

Please contact us today so that we can begin to work with you and help make your next project a success.

  • Information: Active RFID Explained
    Use Active RFID for Reliable Long Range Reads

    SYNOTAG active RFID systems use 2.4 GHz microwaves to auto-ID people and assets at distances of 2-1500 meters. That kind of read distance defines active RFID when compared with short-range passive RFID systems (1-30 cm) or even semi-passive RFID systems (1-3 meters).

    Like any other type of RFID system, an active RFID tag, active RFID reader and your software application/database are required to make an active RFID system become functional.

    Beacon Type Tags: Unlike passive RFID, active RFID tags are equipped with an internal battery inside that is used to power the tag. Some of our tags allow the battery to be replaced to extend the life of the tag. Our active RFID tag emit a signal about every 400 milliseconds (can be factory adjusted at time of order) and that signal is then picked up by the reader when the tag and the reader come into range of each other.

    Directional and Omni-directional: The read distance is normally attenuated using the system software. Some of our readers are offered with directional or omni-directional antennas to  allow for specific reading zones, something useful where a choke point at an entry/exit door or a loading bay is needed to check people and assets and perform real-time security monitoring as they come and go from a facility.

    Anti-collision: Our readers typically read up to 200 tags at one time. As the signals emitted from the tags are not synchronized, many more than 200 tags can be read in the space of a few seconds.

    Typical Applications: Active RFID is good for tracking and locating items or people at long range. Well suited to long-range asset tracking/locating such as at auto dealerships, manufacturing plants, in hospitals and on construction sites, mining applications, laboratories, remote monitoring and asset security applications. Also widely used in real time locating systems (RTLS).

    Need more information? Please visit our active RFID systems page or contact us anytime for a free consultation and pricing.

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