SYNOLOCK RFID Locking Systems

SYNOLOCK RFID Locking Systems

Bring instant security to hotel doors, lockers, cabinets, drawers, strong boxes, mailboxes, doors and gun safes with an RFID lock.

Our RFID locks raise the level of security and convenience for users at your hotel, gym, spa, club, office and in special access areas around your home, office or facility.

Our locks are robust with high quality finishes, battery operated and standalone with no wiring so they are fast and super easy to install.

Pair our RFID locks with an RFID wristband, card or key fob to leverage unique access credentials that keep your valuable items safe and secure.

We are happy to help. See our full selection of locks at Not sure what type of RFID lock you need? Please contact us for a free consultation and pricing.

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