SM 215XX Seal With RFID Tag

RFID Meter Seal. Passive 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz RFID seals for meters of all types with read distance up to 40 mm and operating temperature of -40 to 70C. Functions like a regular meter seal with an RFID Tag attached for RFID meter tracking and RFID meter management. RFID Tag operates even if seal is tampered with or broken.

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Available Types

  • EM 4102 (125 KHz, 64 bit, R/O)
  • Hitag 1 (125 KHz, 2048 bit, R/W)
  • Hitag 2 (125 KHz, 256 bit, R/W)
  • I-Code (13.56 MHz, 512 bit, R/W, ISO 15693 & ISO/IEC 15693)