RFID Key Fobs & Tags

Custom Printed RFID Key Fobs & Tags

RFID Key Fobs & Tags

Endless Applications. Our RFID key fobs and key tags are used for access control, EV charging, bike share, for gym and club memberships, contactless payments, customer loyalty and marketing applications.

All Chip Types. Available with all 125KHz, 13.56 MHz, NFC and UHF chips. Serial numbers, graphics and custom branding are available for most part numbers.

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SYNOBAND RFID key fobs are high quality key tags that come in a range of materials, styles and with custom branding if required. Order our RFID key fobs with 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, or UHF chips. Orders can be shipped to you directly or drop shipped to your customer or satellite offices.

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  • Choosing an RFID Key Fob: Considerations
    An RFID Key Fob is for More Than Just Keys

    Of course, the main reason for choosing an RFID key fob is to handle key management, but there are many other applications where an RFID key fob or key tag makes perfects sense. Here are some applications for RFID key fobs that you may not have considered:

    • Key Management

    You have a lot of keys to manage and need a way to manage them. RFID makes perfect sense. Load up your key cabinet with keys that have an RFID key tag attached to them. Check them in, check them out with a tap on a reader and keep a easy record of who has what in your key management database.

    • Access Control

    Not everyone loves RFID cards. RFID key fobs are a great alternative to the cards used for access control to your office, building or facility. Low profile and always on your key ring, RFID key tags are something you never leave at home.

    • RFID Lock Credentials

    RFID key fobs are the perfect credentials for RFID locks. Whether its your desk drawer in the office or an RFID locker at the club, RFID key fobs are always on your key ring and easy to use when needed.

    • Marketing Applications

    Handing out branded RFID key fobs at an experiential or other marketing event is a great way to engage your target market during the brand activation and retain brand engagement post-event.

    • Customer Loyalty Applications

    Why make your customers add another card to their wallet? RFID Key fobs are always on hand and offer the same functionality as cards.

    • Contactless RFID Payments

    What could be more convenient than an RFID key fob that allows you to make contactless tap-and-go payments at the club, bar, resort, hotel or any other venue. You VIP guests will love the convenience!

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SYNOMETRIX is a Leading Supplier of RFID Key Fobs and Key Tags

We have built our reputation as a leading supplier of RFID key fobs and other RFID products on high quality products and great service. Click here to learn more about us and contact us to make your project a major success.

High Security

Assign RFID key fobs to your staff and guests. Control access and keep valuables secure.

Clean & Contactless

Keep your members, guests and staff safe. RFID key fobs are contactless and easy to clean.

Marketing & Promotional

Give away RFID key fobs to promote and create greater engagement with your brand or event.

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