Passive RFID Transponders

Passive RFID Transponders. Passive RFID transponders for any application where a screw on RFID tag is needed. Suitable for guard patrol and other check-in type applications where a waterproof outdoor tag with read distance of up to 150 mm is needed for close reads (read distance depends on tag and reader).

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Tag TypeMaterialDimensionsThicknessRead Distance
Tag 301ABSØ 30mm Hole 5mm3 mm50mm
Tag 302ABSØ 30mm Hole 5mm3 mm50mm
Tag 401ABSØ 30mm Hole 5mm4.2 mm80mm
Tag 501ABSØ 30mm Hole 5mm8 mm150mm
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Available Types

  • GK4001 (125 KHz, 64bit, R/O)
  • I-Code (13.56 MHz, 512 bit, R/W, ISO 15693 & ISO/IEC 15693)
  • Mifare 1 S50 (13.56 MHz, 1K Byte, R/W, ISO 14443 A)