SM-U1112 UHF Plastic Seal Tag

One-time Use RFID Seal Tag with 3 Meter Read Range. One time use UHF seal tag for use in tamper proof applications ranging from logistics, trailer seals, cash box and postal bag management. Tag is intended for single use so when cut it cannot be re-used. Read range tested at circa 3 meters using an Alien ALR 9800 reader.

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  • Protocol: EPC global C1G2/ISO 180000-6C
  • Mode of Operation: Passive
  • IC Memory: 32 bit kill passwords / 32 bit access passwords / Typical 96 bits EPC Number23
  • U-1112 Dimensions: Total length:340mm / Slot size:7×3 mm / Flag size:45x25mm
  • Material: Low-pressure/mixed polypropylene
  • Break Strength: F>800N
  • Features: ISO Pas 17712 compliant
  • Bar-code Print: Laser available
  • Operating Temperature: -40’c to +125’c
  • Storage Temperature: -40c to +120’c