SM 8837 RFID Cable Tag

Single Use RFID Cable Tag. Choose from 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz and 860-960 MHz UHF to make these single use waterproof cable tags suitable for your indoor or outdoor application. Use the zip strap to secure the cable tags for computer cable management, movie equipment tagging, strong box management and for RFID tagging of other types of assets.

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Available Types

  • EM 4102 (125 KHz, 64 bit, R/O)
  • I-Code (13.56 MHz, 512 bit, R/W, ISO 15693 & ISO/IEC 15693)
  • Mifare 1 S50 (13.56 MHz, 1K Byte, R/W, ISO 14443 A)
  • 860-960 MHz EPC Global C1G2/ISO 180000-6C