SM-30103 Heavy Duty RFID Cable Tag

The SM-30103 Heavy Duty RFID Cable Tag comes in HF or UHF with read ranges from 6 cm to 5 meters (depending on the chip and reader). The flag is large and easy to read, can be custom encoded with your serial numbers or bar code and custom labels can be added to the flag. The zip strap is nylon and stays put once it is affixed to an asset in any logistics, communications or warehousing application.

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  • Material: ABS tag + Nylon zip tie
  • Overall Length: 503mm
  • Flag Size: 103mm * 30mm
  • Zip tie Length: 400mm
  • Custom sizes & colours available
  • Read Distance: up to 6m
  • Barcode and Laser Serial Numbering Available

rfid cable tag 30103

Available Types

  • HF – ISO 14443A
  • UHF  – EPC/ISO18000-6C