SM-U1127 A & B UHF Shoe Race Tag

RFID Shoe Racing Tag. Tyvek shoe tags provide an excellent solution for RFID race timing. Low cost, one time use and waterproof, these RFID shoe tags are available with branding for your event and come with EPC Gen 2 UHF chip to work with your handheld of road mat type reader.

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  • U-1127A: 225 X 25mm (UPM inlay )
  • U-1127B: 270X17mm (Alien inlay )
  • IC Type: EPC Global C1G2 ISO 18000-6C
  • Memory: 32 bit Kill Passwords / 32 bit Access Passwords / Typical 96 bits EPC Number23
  • Passive UHF 860~960 MHz no FCC license required


Operating Temperature
  • -25C to +120C