SM-U1114 UHF Pallet Tags

Our UHF Pallet Tags are suitable for RFID inventory management, warehouse, trucking and RFID for logistics applications. Read range is more than 3 meters using a Symbol 9000 hand held reader. Rugged ABS material can be used on wooden or plastic pallets.

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  • Protocol: EPC global C1G2/ISO 180000-6C
  • Mode of Operation: Passive
  • IC Memory: 32 bit kill passwords / 32 bit access passwords / Typical 96 bits EPC Number23
  • Frequency Range Global (860-960MHZ)
  • Dimensions: 54x86mm
  • Break Strength: F>800N
  • Features: ISO Pas 17712 compliant
  • Operating temperature: -20’c to +200’c
  • Storage temperature: 25’c at 40%RH