SM-1088 UHF RFID Tags

Up to 5 Meter Read Range. Waterproof and bendable UHF tag designed for use as a wristband, wrap tag, or to be affixed to any suitable surface using a wristband, zip strap, screws or other fastener. Read range diminishes with tag curvature if worn on wrist or ankle.

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  • Passive UHF frequency 860~960 MHz
  • Typical read range: up to 5 meter (with ALIEN ALR-9800)
  • Dimensions: 88mm (L) x 37mm (W) x 3mm (T)
  • IC Type: ALN-9662 Squiggle-SH Inlay
  • Programmed: Pre-programmed
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Encapsulation: Silicon
  • Operating Temperature: -20C~180C
  • Storage Temperature: -30~180C