SM-8807 Adjustable RFID Bracelet

Adjustable strap RFID bracelet available in 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz. The epoxy RFID housing is flexible and easily branded with your logo. Adjust the bracelet to any size using the friction fit buckle. This nylon band and tag combination can be lashed to equipment, outdoor gear or other items that you wish to tag by requesting a custom sized nylon band length. Suited for close proximity applications such as for access control at a lab, warehouse or construction site or for operator task management at a farm or factory.

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  • Material: Epoxy Housing + Nylon Strap
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Custom
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 75 degrees C
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 75 degrees C


Available Types

  • 125 KHz EM Format
  • Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S
  • FUDAN RF08 (Mifare S50 Clone)
  • I Code 2
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • NFC
  • UHF 860~960