SM-8827 Wearable RFID Wristband

Get them branded. Use SYNOBAND Woven Fabric RFID wristbands for ticketing, access control at small and large events and for payments at cashless venues. Available in 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz, these wearable RFID fabric wristbands are suited for short to medium range reads of up to 60mm depending on the reader. Offered with full colour graphics that include customer branding.

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RFID access control, RFID ticketing, RFID stored value and RFID cashless venue applications. These wear comfortably for a few hours or a few days at an EDM, a music festival, concert or party, at theme, water parks and resorts and at trade shows and RFID experiential marketing events.


SM-8827 fabric RFID wristbands are made of a cloth wristband with an RFID tag encapsulated into the clasp and is available in either one-time or reusable versions. Customer branding can be woven directly into the band, and serial numbers can be lasered onto band or tag to meet any requirement.


  • Dimensions (Fabric Band): 350mm x 15mm
  • Dimensions (RFID Clasp): 40mm x 25mm


Available Types

  • TK4100
  • EM4200
  • FUDAN RF08 (Mifare S50 Clone)
  • Mifare Ultralight