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LED Bracelets & Wristbands

Immersive LED Light Shows. Create your own immersive LED light show experiences for fans or guests at concerts, dance clubs, sports matches, brand activations, weddings and events. Our controlled LED products are backed up with technical documentation and the support needed for you, your DJ or your lighting crew to use our LED wristbands, bracelets and LED wearables to put on your own show.

Add RFID Functionality. Our LED bracelets, wristbands and LED lanyards can be enabled with RFID for contactless applications in ticketing, cashless food and drink purchases, access control to backstage and VIP hospitality suites and to link with social media accounts.

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Choose from Two Controlled LED Systems

  • Remote Controlled (RC) LED: SYNOBAND only. LED wristbands, bracelets & lanyards controlled manually using our push button RF remote controller. Control range of up to 500 meters.

  • DMX Controlled LED: Both SYNOBAND & SYNOPOD systems. LED wristbands, bracelets & lanyards controlled using our DMX512 controller plugged into a notebook or light board & integrated with DMX software. Control range of up to 1000 meters.

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Choose from Two LED Product Lines

Standard LED Wristbands & Lanyards. SYNOBAND LED products come plain or custom branded with your logo. 40 channels, up to 10 zones. LED wristbands, bracelets & lanyards can be RFID enabled.

Customized LED Lanyards. Designed for high impact custom branding and/or team merchandise. SYNOPOD LED lanyards use ultra-bright LEDs for indoor and outdoor use and can be RFID enabled.

  • What Kind of Controlled LED System Do You Need?

    Remote Controlled LED vs DMX Controlled LED

    SYNOBAND & SYNOPOD controlled LED systems are designed for easy set up. We offer clear technical documentation and support to make sure your deployment goes smoothly.

    Here are the two controlled LED systems that we offer:

    Manual Remote Controlled (Radio Controlled) System

    (SYNOBAND Only)

    RC controlled wristband systems are more straightforward to use. You will need our RC wristbands and an RC controller. Software is not required. Push the controller buttons to control the light show using 12 pre-set effects.

    One controller controls up to 5000 bracelets up to 500 meters. For wristband control, there are two options: (1) control the wristbands as 1 zone with 7 LED colours and 5 flashing modes, or (2) control as 4 zones with 7 LED colours and 1 flashing mode.

    Each set of wristbands attributed to a zone can be lit up with a certain colour or made to flash in a certain way. Please let us know the number of zones you need at time of order and the quantity of bracelets desired for each zone.

    Automated DMX512 Controlled System


    SYNOBAND LED Wristbands. Available in 10 zones, each zone controlling RBG colours that technically add up to 60000 plus colours. You will need to use a DMX dongle to use the DMX512 controller with your notebook. Run your system on software such as QLC+, FreeStyler, Abuelites, Mcswe Easy, DMXControl, PcDimme and MagicQ.

    SYNOPOD LED Lanyards. Available in 8 zones with super bright LEDs that can be individually controlled to flash or create colours using our DMX512 controller. Controller plugs into any light board or can be operated from a notebook using your choice of DMX software such as QLC+ and others.

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SYNOBAND LED Wristband Systems

As a leading supplier of immersive LED systems, customer satisfaction matters to us and derives from quality products and excellent customer service. Learn more about us and then contact us to discuss how we can help make your project a total success.

Stand Alone System

No more rentals. Owning the whole LED system gives you a great return on investment.

Features & Functionality

Our LED systems give you all of the professional features you need to put on an amazing show.

Add RFID Capability

Add RFID to the wristbands to enable cashless payments & posts to social media accounts.

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