SYNOBAND SM-7950 LED DMX Controller

DMX LED Wristband Controller

The SM-7950 DMX 512 LED wristband controller is used with our DMX controlled LED bracelets and operates at up to 1000 meters. Connects to a DMX console or laptop to control RF LED wristbands using with a range of DMX light control software platforms.

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DMX 512 LED Wristband Controller

Connects to a DMX Console or Laptop. Use a DJ lighting board or laptop control system to control the bracelets and to sync the light from the bracelets with the lights on stage to make the audience part of the light show. Pre-program any lighting effects and control up to 10 groups of wristbands or wands to achieve ant LED colour among the RGB range of 16 million colours.


  • Size: 9.8cm (3.8″) * 8.7cm (3.4″) * 4cm (1.6″)
  • Power Supply: 6V/1A Adapter
  • Working frequency: 433 MHz
  • Control all bracelets within range