SYNOPOD Reusable LED Wristbands

Reusable LED Wristbands

SYNOPOD reusable LED wristbands use super-bright LEDs to create impactful LED light shows in day or night time conditions. Available in 8 zones, these LED wristbands operate for about four hours on replaceable batteries. Custom branding and RFID both available.

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Add an RFID tag:

Add an RFID chip to SYNOPOD LED Wristbands for short range RFID and NFC applications, like ticketing, admission, payments, and VIP access control.

DMX Controller:

The SYNOPOD DMX controller has a range of circa 1000 meters radius lighting up SYNOPOD LED wristbands in the full RGB range of 16581375 colours.



  • Material: ABS (Water Resistant)
  • Size: 5.5 cm (2.16″) diameter, 2.1 cm (0.83″) thick
  • Power: 2 (two) CR2032 cell batteries
  • Average battery Life: 4 hours
  • Control: RC, DMX. Recessed power switch



  • Material: Durable Silicone or Full Colored Elastic
  • Customization: Yes
  • Changeable: Yes
  • Size: 5.5 cm (2.16″) diameter


Branded Wristband

  • Material: Velcro
  • Customization: Yes
  • Length: 28 cm (11″)



SYNOPOD is designed for reuse. At the ice rink, on the football field, at the night club or in the sports stadium. SYNOPOD uses ultra-bright LEDs to energize any game, brand event or party, creating an unforgettable experience for fans or guests.

Rebrand, Reuse, Reduce. Order SYNOPODs custom branded with your team colours, logo, event name or corporate identity. It’s easy to re-brand and re-use a SYNOPOD anytime, anywhere, keeping tons of waste out of the landfill and cutting your costs.