SM-0005 Paper RFID Wristband

Disposable RFID Wristbands. SM-0005-X Paper RFID Wristbands are available in 13.56 MHz or UHF frequencies with a read distance of approximately 15cm. Typically worn for a hours and not days, these paper wristbands can be printed with your custom graphics.

Custom Printed. We custom print disposable RFID wristbands for your event. We also offer add on features like QR, bar codes and serial numbering.

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Construction: Single use and made of coated paper that is not easy to tear. The plastic clasp secures the band at the desired size on the wrist. The clasp cannot be opened once it is secured. The wristband is cut to remove it from the wrist. The RFID tag portion remains readable after the wristband is cut.

Sizes: Available in six different shapes and sizes to to fit any sized wrist. Please also note the dimensions for the branding area if you need to print logos or other information on the band.


Wristband Shapes at a Glance
  • SM-0005-1 (210 mm long with 73.5 x 25 mm branding area)
  • SM-0005-2 (250 mm long with 76 x 25 mm branding area)
  • SM-0005-3 (250 mm long with 110 x 24 mm branding area)
  • SM-0005-4 (300 mm long with 80 x 26 mm branding area)
  • SM-0005-5 (245 mm long with 80 x 26 mm branding area)
  • SM-0005-6 (300 mm long with 76 x 25 mm branding area)


The wristband can be printed in any colour and offered with full customer branding. Other features can be added according to your special requirements (minimum order quantity may be required):

  • QR Code
  • Bar Code
  • Serial Number Encoding
  • Serial (UID) Number Database
  • Laser Serial Number Printing



Suited for short events, conferences, staff training sessions, visitor access control, contactless ticketing and cashless payments.

Available Types

  • FUDAN RF08 (Mifare S50 Compatible)
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Mifare 1 Classic
  • NTAG 213 (NFC)
  • I Code
  • UHF