SM-0010 Thermal RFID Wristbands

Custom Printed Thermal RFID Wristbands. SM-0010 Thermal RFID Wristbands are available in 13.56 MHz or UHF. Designed as single use wristbands that are delivered blank and printed at site or preprinted with a blank printing area. Read distance is approximately 5-10 cm (depending on reader). Suitable for applications where a low-cost disposable RFID wristband is needed.

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Our thermal wristbands can be printed in any colour and offered with full customer branding.

  • Wristband Size: 277.69 x 25 mm
  • Wristband Thickness: 0.16 mm with antenna location 0.26 mm
  • Wristband Material: Thermosensitive Paper
  • Affixing Mechanism: Peel and Stick
  • Frequencies: 13.56 MHz or 800-960 MHz
  • Standards: ISO 15693, ISO 14443, ISO 18000-6C
  • Packaging: Rolls per customer specification


Other features can be added according to your special requirements (minimum order quantity may be required):

  • QR Code
  • Bar Code
  • Serial Numbering
  • Serial Number Encoding
  • Serial (UID) Number Excel Database


Thermal printer RFID wristbands are a great low-cost option for any application where a disposable RFID wristband that can be printed with unique information at site of issue is needed and where there is no benefit for a user to remove the wristband and pass it to others. Band can be printed with information at site and are easily stuck on to any sized wrist. Typical applications include:

  • Event Admission Ticketing
  • Concert Admission Ticketing
  • Festival Admission Ticketing
  • Brand Activation and Marketing
  • Corporate Training Group Tagging
  • Pre-paid Food and Beverage Applications
  • Self-serve Bars
  • Concert Admission Tickets
  • Temporary Pass for Gyms
  • RFID Locker Rentals


Available Types

  • FUDAN RF08 (Mifare S50 Compatible)
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Mifare 1 Classic
  • NTAG 213 (NFC)
  • I Code
  • UHF