Wristband Options for SM-8866, SM-8867, SM-8868

SM-8866, SM-8867, SM-8868 IC and wristband components are assembled separately to allow for upgrade to optional wristbands. This offers the user more comfort and ease of use for different applications and renders the IC portion re-usable if the bracelet wears or is damaged.

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Available Types

  • WR-NL02BK-HP(BK): Black nylon band w/velcro
  • WR-NL02BU-HP(BU): Blue nylon band w/velcro
  • WR-NL01BU-HP(BU): Blue nylon band w/metal
  • WR-NL01BK-HP(BK): Black nylon band w/metal
  • WR-PVC01PI-CU: Pink PVC band w/velcro
  • WR-PVC01BU-CU: Blue PVC band w/velcro