SM 8830 RFID Disposable Wristbands


Our PVC wristbands are the most economical disposable RFID wristbands we offer. High quality, different sizes and shapes in a range of colours, either plain or branded and with your logo, a QR code or serial number. Perfect for any disposable RFID application.

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Wristband Shapes at a Glance

  • SM-8830-1 (210 mm long with 73.5 x 25 mm branding area)
  • SM-8830-2 (250 mm long with 76 x 25 mm branding area)
  • SM-8830-3 (250 mm long with 110 x 24 mm branding area)
  • SM-8830-4 (300 mm long with 80 x 26 mm branding area)
  • SM-8830-5 (245 mm long with 80 x 26 mm branding area)
  • SM-8830-6 (300 mm long with 76 x 25 mm branding area)




Click here to find out how our disposable PVC wristbands were deployed by the US Olympic Committee Road to Rio Tour.

Our disposable PVC wristbands come in a range of colours and can be offered with full customer branding. Wristband is not disabled when cut off, the chip can still be read. Here are some custom features that can be added to the wristband according to your special requirements (minimum order quantity may be required).

  • QR Code
  • Bar Code
  • Serial Number Encoding
  • Serial (UID) Number Database
  • Laser Serial Number Printing


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Available Types

We offer these chips:

  • FUDAN FM1108 (Mifare S50 Compatible)
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Mifare 1 Classic
  • NTAG 213 (NFC)
  • I Code
  • UHF
  • Custom to meet your special requirement