RFID Solutions

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Concerts & Events

RFID wristbands for use at events & concerts. Contactless ticketing, access control, and NFC payments.

RV Parks & Camgrounds

One tap convenience for access control, purchases and rentals at your RV park or campground.

RFID Smart Cards

Contactless RFID cards for access control, staff identification,  transportation, loyalty and marketing programs.

Cashless RFID Payments

SYNOPAYMENTS enables you to use RFID wristbands for cashless payments across your festival, concert, venue or retail business.

RFID Wristband Software

SYNOACCESS make it easy to assign guest RFID wristbands at your vacation rental and control access to amenities.

Gaming & Family Fun

Custom printed RFID cards and wristbands for use in gaming, at barcades and arcades and for family entertainment centers.

Pools & Waterparks

Waterproof RFID wristbands and contactless RFID fobs and membership cards for use at waterparks and pools.

Contactless RFID Locks

Contactless RFID locks and credential solutions for your office, spa, pool, gym, club, hotel or gaming centre.

Hotels & Resorts

Our RFID locks, wristbands and parking management bring hi-tech hospitality to your guests.

RFID for Marketing

Use RFID for marketing campaigns to create a buzz that gets people talking, liking, and sharing on their social media accounts.

RFID Festival Wristbands

RFID wristbands for festivals in a range of different materials to meet the needs of your festival, fair, concert, EDM or event.

Vehicle Access Control

Passive RFID readers and tags designed for contactless vehicle access control and parking applications.

RFID for Social Media

Connect RFID wristbands with social media accounts to get people liking, sharing and talking about your brand or event.

Custom LED Wristbands

Custom brand a reusable led wristband to create a lasting connection between your brand and guests or your fans and team.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Contactless wristbands for safe and trouble free access to your gym, fitness center or sports complex.

RFID for the Office

Our contactless access control cards and wristbands create a more secure office environment for staff and visitors.

RFID Wristband Solutions

Drive new streams of revenue and collect user data, creating touch points for downstream marketing and promotions.

Custom RFID Tags

Can’t find what you need? Need to modify one for out tags or wristbands to meet your needs? We can help.

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