26 bit Proximity Wristbands


Access Control. 26 bit proximity wristbands ideal for H10301 HID format access control systems at your office, building, school, campus, clubhouse, warehouse or any other secure facility.

Endless Applications. Open doors and log in/out on your work station. Use our 26 bit proximity wristbands with an RFID time clock to check on staff attendance. Our 26 bit wristband come in styles and materials that suit all user applications.

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26 Bit RFID Bracelets

Durable Proximity Bracelets. Comfortable to wear for access control at an office, school, club or office building. SYNOBAND 26 bit proximity bracelets are in use at top companies who seek quality and reliable performance in a proximity bracelets for access control. We offer premium long wearing silicone and rugged fabric proximity bracelets for applications where a more robust RFID bracelet is required.

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Choosing the Right Proximity Wristband: Considerations

Make Sure Your Staff Want to Wear It

Choosing the right proximity wristband will be important if you expect your staff, guests or students to actually wear it. The wristband has to be comfortable, and if it is branded, the logo printing needs to be durable so that it looks good and wears nicely over a period of time.

Silicone: Our silicone 26 bit wristbands are made from comfortable, high quality silicone that is hypoallergenic and designed to be easy on and easy off.

We suggest our premium SM-7000, SM-8000, SM-8500 or SM-9000 silicone bracelets. The silicone wears well over a period of time, reducing your costs. The silicone ink used to print your logo or other graphic features does not chip off like a silk screened logo. These wristbands can be offered with a laser and infill logo, which is durable and looks high end.

For short-term applications, such as a corporate training event or for access to a VIP lounge, the SM-8019 is offered at a lower price point. This is a comfortable bracelet made with a less premium grade of silicone and available with silk-screen logo.

Plastic: We have a great selection of plastic 26 bit proximity bracelets. The SM-8866 and SM-8867 and are a highly durable mix of PVC and ABS and come in a range of colours. Please ask us about our range of options for the wristband portion.

Fabric: For applications at construction sites, trucking & logistics or a warehouse or factory, our fabric wristbands are a durable choice. The fabric and tag face detach, making it easy to re-use the tag on a new wristband if needed. This is ideal for applications where staff turnover is high and where you need to deploy a rugged access control bracelet across your site. Our SM-8807 and SM-8808 are both excellent choices.

Our Most Popular 26-bit RFID Wristbands & Bracelets

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