Cashless Payment Wristbands

Cashless Payment Wristbands

RFID Payment Wristbands. Let your guests go cashless by using SYNOBAND RFID payment wristbands for one tap contactless payments on the Point of Sale (POS) Systems at your resort, hotel, bar, festival or event. Use RFID payment wristbands to improve the guest experience, increase revenues and to eliminate the headaches of cash management and leakage.

Customised RFID Wristbands. Add a logo, match your Pantone colours, choose from different styles and materials. SYNOBAND RFID payment wristbands can be customised to generate a high impact brand statement that creates a strong connection with the user.

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Cashless Payment Wristbands. Available With Any RFID or NFC Chip.

Our Most Popular SYNOPAYMENTS Wristbands

Reusable RFID Wristbands

Most suited for repeated use at clubs, gyms, spas, resorts & hotels. Operates seamlessly with SYNOPAYMENTS and other Point of Sale (POS) systems. We offer both standard and premium silicone options. Wristbands can be offered in your custom Pantone colour with or without a logo and delivered anywhere.

One-time Use Wristbands

Most suited for use at concerts, food and beverage events and at barcades and theme parks. Operates seamlessly with SYNOPAYMENTS and other cashless payment systems. Both standard and waterproof options available. Some wristbands can be offered in your custom Pantone colour. All wristbands can be custom branded and delivered to you anywhere.

Eco-friendly RFID Wristbands

These wristbands are suited for any application where you wish to make a statement that shows your commitment to the environment. Operates seamlessly with SYNOPAYMENTS and other POS systems. Standard or water resistant, these wristbands can be offered in custom Pantone colours, branded with your logo and delivered anywhere.

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SYNOBAND Cashless Payment Wristbands

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