Contact Tracing RFID Wristbands


Clean. Safe. Contactless. RFID wristbands are a perfect solution for contract tracing your staff, students, guests or workers so as to keep track of who has been at your office, school, warehouse, restaurant or event. Collect their contact information at the time of issuing the wristband, record what time they checked in and checked out and even what areas did they visited along with other people.

Fully Contactless. Protect your staff and visitors with RFID wristbands that are clean, contactless and fully disposable. Put them on, use them to log in at different places around the venue, then cut them off and throw them away.

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RFID Wristbands for Contact Tracing

Control, Contact and Inform. RFID wristbands are perfect for contact tracing applications where you require a clean and secure wristband that is comfortable to wear and easy to dispose of or disinfect and reuse.

Distribute the wristbands and get them activated by collecting user contact information into a database. The wristbands are then read using a phone app or a stationary reader set up as a check-in point at different places around the venue, keeping an activity log of what time someone checked in, where they went, who else was in that area and what time they left your site.

If problems do arise, your database has all the information you need to control the situation, contact and inform those who may have been affected.

Choosing the Right RFID Wristband for Contact Tracing: Considerations

Here are some considerations when choosing an RFID Wristband for contact tracing applications:


Clean and Safe: Choosing the right RFID wristband is important as you want you staff, guests and students to feel safe wearing the bracelet. That means it has to be comfortable, disposable or easy to clean and reuse.

Silicone: Our silicone contactless RFID wristbands are comfortable to wear, easy to disinfect and are made from high quality food grade silicone that is difficult to break and easy to put on and take off. Disinfect with soap and water, a wipe or mild disinfectant solution to make the wristband safe to reuse.

For long-term use, we suggest our premium SM-7000, SM-8000 or SM-9000 silicone bracelets as the silicone wears well over time. For short-term applications, the SM-8019 is offered at a lower price point and it too is a comfortable contactless RFID bracelet.

Disposable: Deploy our SM-8830 PVC, SM-8840 Vinyl or SM-8834 TYVEK contactless wristbands for contact tracing and avoid the need to disinfect.

Contactless RFID Tracing

RFID wristbands remove the need for human interaction and encourage higher levels of cooperation on contact tracing.

Clean and Easy to Use

Clean RFID wearables that can be cleaned, disinfected and reused or just cut off and disposed of after a single use.

Keep Better Records

Contacting people will be easier when your database has more complete records of who, what, when and where.

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