Contactless Office Wristbands


Clean, Contactless, Secure. Our contactless office wristbands are perfect for secure no touch access control at the workplace. Deploy them at an office, warehouse, factory or other work place to create a fully contactless environment for your employees or visitors.

Go Contactless. Our contactless office wristbands open doors, lockers and cabinets and can be used with RFID time clock to check attendance.

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Contactless Office RFID Wristbands

Use contactless office RFID wristbands for access control and time clock applications at your office, warehouse, factory or other workplace; anywhere a secure wristband that is easy to clean and comfortable to wear is needed for your employees. SYNOBAND contactless wristbands are used by large and small companies who seek security, quality, durability and performance in a contactless wristband for staff and visitors that is priced factory direct.

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Our Most Popular Office RFID Wristbands

SYNOMETRIX is a Leader in RFID for the Office

We are a leading supplier of RFID wristbands, key fobs and cards used at offices, factories and warehouses. Customer satisfaction comes from our high quality products and excellent customer service and support. Find out more about us and then contact us so that we can help you to make your project successful.

Contactless RFID Access Control
Contactless RFID Staff Attendance
Contactless RFID Lock Credentials 

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