Contactless RFID Bracelets


Contactless and Secure. SYNOBAND contactless RFID wristbands and bracelets are perfect for secure no touch access control and payment applications. Deploy them at the office, school cafeteria, college campus, private club or hotel to provide a fully contactless user experience.

Go Contactless. Our contactless RFID wristbands and bracelets open doors, lockers and are used to make contactless payments. Combine our contactless wristbands with an RFID time clock to log staff attendance or use them at your gym to create a healthy contactless space for your members.

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Contactless RFID Bracelets

Secure & Contactless. Contactless RFID applications at your office, on campus, at your private club or other venue require a secure wristband that is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. SYNOBAND contactless RFID wristbands are used by companies who seek security, quality, durability and performance in an RFID contactless wristband for their staff and guests.

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Choosing the right Contactless RFID Bracelet: Considerations

Healthy and Secure: Choosing the right contactless RFID bracelet is important as you want you staff, guests or students to feel safe wearing the bracelet. That means it has to be comfortable, disposable or easy to clean and reuse, and the logo printing needs to be durable so that it looks good and wears nicely over time.

Silicone: Our silicone contactless RFID wristbands are comfortable and made from high quality silicone that is difficult to break and easy to put on and take off. They are also easy to disinfect with soap and water, a disinfecting wipe or mild disinfectant solution to make sure the wristband is clean and safe to reuse.

For long-term use, we suggest our premium SM-7000, SM-8000 or SM-9000 silicone bracelets. The silicone is easy to clean, wears well over time and the silicone ink used to print your logo does not wear off like a silk screen logo. This wristband is offered with laser and infill logo as an option, which is durable, looks high end and lasts.

For short-term contactless applications, such as for access control and payments at small to medium sized events, the SM-8019 is offered at a lower price point. This is a comfortable contactless bracelet made and available with silk-screen logo.

Plastic: We have an awesome selection of plastic contactless RFID bracelets that are easy to clean and disinfect. The housings for the SM-8866 and SM-8867 and are a highly durable mix of PVC and ABS and come in a range of colours. Please ask us about our range of options for the wristband portion. You can also deploy the SM-8001 plastic wristband at your spa or fitness centre as it too is easy to clean and reuse.

Disposable: Deploy our SM-8830 PVC or SM-8834 TYVEK contactless wristbands for access control and payment applications and avoid the need to disinfect.

Our Most Popular Contactless RFID Bracelets & Wristbands

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Contactless RFID Membership
Contactless RFID Access Control

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