Contactless RFID Locks

Contactless RFID Locks

Secure and Convenient. Contactless RFID locks create a safe and secure environment at your hotel, resort, spa, gym or fitness centre or at the office or other facility where RFID locks are used.

No More Keys. Pair our RFID locks with a contactless wristband or card for access control to guest rooms and club floors and amenities like gyms, lockers, spas, and premium lounges. Our wristbands and cards can be used for access control to other areas of your property, for cashless purchases and to loan towels or rent equipment with just one tap.

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Contactless RFID Locks

Clean and Secure. Deploying a contactless RFID locking system drives a more secure, convenient and better managed experience for your guests and staff. At your hotel, issue a contactless wristband or card to each guest at check in, allowing them to move seamlessly across your property and use amenities with easy one-tap payments for food and beverages. At the office, use your current access control cards for lockers or for secure drawer and cabinet applications, creating a security layer that only allows access for those with the right credentials.

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RFID Locks for Every Application

Contactless Door Locks

Great designs, easy to install & set up. Our hotel door locks operate on batteries and do not need wiring.

Contactless Locker Locks

Battery operated, wireless locks that are easy to install at gyms, pools, spas and for left luggage.

Contactless Cabinet Locks

Contactless locking solutions for cabinets, drawers & secure boxes. Battery operated – easy to install.

Contactless Wristbands

Guests enjoy convenient access control, rentals & one tap payments across your property.

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