Custom Printed Contactless Cards


Customized, Smart & Secure. SYNOCARD custom printed contactless cards are perfect for the secure authentication of people, payments, transit fares, loyalty and points cards, gift cards and identification applications.

Plain or Branded. Our printed contactless cards are available two sided printing and other customized features to suit any application where a high quality low-cost contactless RFID card is needed.

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Custom Printed Contactless Cards

Use our contactless custom printed RFID cards for secure access control and payment applications, for NFC applications, as gift cards and points cards and also for marketing applications. Our cards are 13.56 Mhz and high quality at low cost. Get them printed with your branding and add custom features or leave them blank and print them at site before issuing them to users.

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FAQ: About Contactless Smart Cards

FAQ: Contactless Smart Cards

Below is some information to help you understand contactless smart cards:

What is a Contactless Smart Card?

A contactless smart card is a credit card sized RFID card used in applications needing to protect personal information and/or deliver fast, secure transactions. Contactless smart cards contain a read-only CSN (Card Serial Number) or UID (Unique ID) number plus a re-writeable microchip that can be transcribed using RF radio waves. The cards are used for secure identification authentication applications including those in access control, transit fare cards, loyalty and points cards, gift cards, identification cards and payment cards.

What Protocol Does a Contactless Smart Card Use?

ISO/IEC 14443

How do Contactless Smart Cards Work?

Proximity cards are also called prox cards. They use a 125 kHz frequency to transmit a signal to a door access reader once the card is placed in proximity to the reader. When the card is placed on the reader, the card’s unique strand of numbers is passed to the access control panel, verifying if the number matches an approved card number (CSN) in the internal database.

What is the Difference Between a Proximity Card and a Smart Card?

Proximity Cards only store the facility code of the building or facility that the card should access and a card number. Smart cards are cable of storing this same information with the added ability to authenticate and store biographical information of the user.

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Custom Printed Contactless Cards

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