HID Clamshell Cards


Secure Access Control. Our HID clamshell cards are contactless credentials for secure access control applications at your office, building, university campus, sports club, factory and any other venue where clamshell cards are favoured for secure RFID access control applications.

Endless Access Control Applications. Open doors, RFID locks, strong cabinets and drawers. Use our HID prox cards with an RFID time clock to check on staff attendance. Secure, high quality and low cost.

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HID Clamshell Cards

Access Control. Use our HID clamshell cards for RFID access control applications at the office, at a university or school, at a private club for secure member access or at your building. Our clamshell cards are 125 kHz. Get them printed with special features or leave them blank and print labels for them at site. Our RFID clamshell cards give you secure access control at lower cost.

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FAQ: About RFID Clamshell Cards

FAQ: RFID Clamshell Cards

Below is some information to help you understand RFID clamshell cards:

How do RFID Proximity Cards Work?

Clamshell cards are also prox cards. They use a 125 kHz frequency to transmit a signal to a door access reader once the card is placed in proximity to the reader. When the card is placed on the reader, the card’s unique strand of numbers is passed to the access control panel, verifying if the number matches an approved card number (CSN) in the internal database.

What is 26-bit Wiegand?
26-bit is the industry standard for access control, representing an open encoding format. The data encoded using 26-bit format consists of 255 possible facility codes and within each there is a total of 65,535 unique card numbers. This is a relatively small number of unique cards, so additional authentication is often used.
How do I Know What Kind of Clamshell Card I Have?  

Take a look for this information on the front or back of the proximity card you are using. There are many manufacturers of prox cards but each card should contain physical markings printed on the actual card itself.

Those markings will help you to determine the following:

  • The card manufacturer
  • The card format
  • The site and facility code
  • The card ID range number

If this information is not found on the card, you can also look at the label on the box of where your clamshell cards are stored or on the invoice from the card supplier who sold you the cards.

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HID Clamshell Cards

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