Hotel RFID Access Control System

Hotel RFID Access Control System

Customized Access Control Solutions. The Alpha Access system is a web-based application that allows your team to enrol and remove multiple users. Works seamlessly using SYNOMETRIX RFID windshield tags, wristbands, fobs, and cards. Your guests simply scan their RFID credential at a gate reader or arrive at your gated parking area with an RFID credential and they are let access. Our system ties into existing gates or can interface with a customized gate solution to meet your special needs.

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RFID Access Control Gates

Alpha Access puts you in control of access control to key areas of your hotel, property or facility even when network connectivity is lost. A completely mobile visitor management and access control solution, you can quickly add and remove users as well as compile access reports. Streamline visitor check-in with 100% accuracy without using paper logs or expensive hardware.
Alpha Access Control Systems are Suited for These Applications:


  • Magnetic Lock Access Gates (Pool, Gym, Entrance, Spa, Tennis Courts, Employee Area) tied to fire systems if required.
    • Linear Arm Operators
    • Slide Gate Operators
    • Column Mount Operators
    • Swing Arm Operators
  • Driveway Gates
  • Loading Docks

Hotel Guest Access Control

Web Based Access Control

RFID Hotel Parking Management

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