Intercard RFID Wristbands


Intercard Wristbands. Offer contactless convenience for guests at your family entertainment centre, bowling alley, arcade, barcade or casino with SYNOBAND RFID wristbands that are approved for use with Intercard cashless game card readers. We lower your costs, offer fast lead-times and ship your  Intercard encoded RFID wristbands anywhere worldwide.

Custom Intercard Wristbands. Choose your colour and get your encoded Intercard wristbands printed with your custom graphics and other custom features as required.

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Intercard RFID Wristbands

Disposable or Reusable. Whether disposable for one time guests or reusable for repeat VIP customers, SYNOCARD RFID wristbands encoded for Intercard & Roller systems allow for secure gaming and contactless payments at your family entertainment centre, casino, arcade, bowling alley or cruise ship.

Ordering is Easy! Just send us the graphic layout for your wristbands in vector format and have Intercard send us your card codes, its that easy. Our lead-times are short and we ship anywhere. Please contact us today for pricing and to place an order.

Our Most Popular Intercard Wristbands

We offer these Intercard encoded wristbands to customers globally.

A Leading Supplier of Contactless RFID Wristbands for Gaming

We are a leading supplier of customized contactless wristbands for Intercard and Amusement Connect. Customer satisfaction comes from our high quality products and excellent customer service and support. Please contact us so that we can offer a free consultation and help you to make your project successful.

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